How to find your first job?

New graduate !

A few months ago, Gina was returning home proud to have finally graduated. She was so relieved. All the stress of revisions and the wait for the results was no more than a memory. Prouder than herself, her parents shared their joy with their loved ones. The words of congratulation, the presents and the celebrations have followed one another.

This feeling gradually faded away with the worry of finding a job. She had been on the internet, prepared her resume and answered all the job offers that seemed good and those that were less so sometimes. But since, no answers, not a single interview in sight.

This article on job search, is the first in a series that will focus on income-generating activities.

We will discuss:

  1. How to find your first job?
  2. How to improve your employability?
  3. How to get started in business?
  4. How to start your personal activity while being an employee, manage a side hustle?

Before covering the technical aspects in the following article, I wanted to share these points with you.

Employment is not just about generating income. It gives a sense of personal accomplishment. Feeling competent is priceless, it is a very important tool in your self-confidence toolbox. To serve this purpose, choose carefully your job and the way you get it.

Job search learning: the missing step between academic training and getting the first job

In the educational system of many countries, there is no job search training. In some, you can find help within the university to assist you with writing a CV and a cover letter. If you’ve had no access to it or have underestimated its importance, do not panic, the internet can help you find most of the information you will need. On the other hand, knowing how to write a CV and / or a cover letter is useful but not enough to land you a job. In our next article we will describe this process as simply as possible. Finding a job requires practice and a conscious, planned and rigorous approach. Some will get a job without really looking for it I was told. This is not always completely true. Their approach may be less conventional and more intuitive unless they work in the family business. And even if there are lucky people who will be able to do without this step, this is not the case for the majority.

You are not unemployed

When you are looking for a job, your job title is « looking for a job ». Put yourself in active search, full time, do it seriously. Keep in mind that your current job is to find your dream job or get close to it by taking your first step in the job market. If you succeed in organizing yourself, setting goals and establishing a daily routine, not only will you have better results, but you will also have a new skill that will be appreciated when you get the job of your dreams: being able to work independently . Depending on the profiles and countries, the search may be longer or shorter. Take advantage of this period. Do an internship, participate in a project or start your own, volunteer, learn to work you will sell yourself better when the time comes.

Put your network to work

A significant percentage of jobs are not posted online for a variety of reasons. So, if you are looking for a job, tell it to those around you. Talk about it, you do not know who will know the right person or have heard about the job you are looking for. Do not hesitate to rely on your network. Your loved ones, your promotional friends, people in your field or not, talk to them as much as you can.

Open a LinkedIn account. Professional social networks allow you to make yourself visible to recruiters. Look after your profile. Mention all the elements that serve your professional project and get help if needed.

It is more and more common to have Facebook groups that share offers or entrepreneurs who recruit, find out. Make your time on social networks profitable. Jobs in starts up can be a great springboard. Small companies and cabinets are a gold mine in terms of training. You can do a lot more and discover complementary trades to yours. You can monetize your skills later, because honestly, they do not offer the best salaries.

Stay professional

Find the dress code of the position you want to occupy and align your wardrobe. This will help you for interviews. The recruiter will be able to imagine you in the role because you have suggested it to him subtly by coming dressed for the job. No indecent outfits please. Ladies if you want to be taken seriously and hired for your competence, show it by the way you dress.

No matter the source of the offer, send a professional file. Follow the instructions that are given. If a cover letter is required, write one. Your answer already says a lot about you. Keep in mind that you want to project a professional image.

I will say a word on a slightly more delicate aspect: positions offered in exchange for sexual favours. You are free to engage in this type of contract. Keep in mind, however, that if you sleep for a job you will probably do it again to keep it. Worse it is the best way to tell people that you are not up to challenge intellectually.

Our next article describes the four-step of a job search process.

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